About Sugarbears donations:

Colin loved his bear. He may not have been able to hear and see the world around him but, he knew his mother's and father's scent. He also had an amazing sense of touch. He used his fingertips to feel the bear's snuggly soft fur. He loved the feel of it on his chest and I believe it brought him tender, soft comfort; especially when we were not able to be close to him.

Now, I love his bear. It smells like Colin. When I need to feel closer to him, I can close my eyes, tune out the world around me, bury my face in his bear and just smell that undeniable scent, my sugarbear, Colin.

Our hope now is to comfort other babies with this soft and gentle bear. So that when their mommies can not be close to them, their mommy's scent can linger on their bear. And, if one day they must go, their mommy can keep their baby's undeniable scent close to them.

Please help Colin and his family continue to comfort these tiny and ever so fragile babies. To donate to 'Colin's Sugarbears' click on the Children's Mercy Hospital link. It will take you directly to their secure donations page. To ensure the donation goes directly to his fund, simply type: "Colin Bailey" in the 'In Memory Of" box.

Thank you for your consideration to such a tender and loving tribute to our son, Colin.